Green Fields Environmental Services is a client focused demolition and asbestos abatement contractor based in Northern New Jersey.

We are dedicated to our clients and deliver on time and within budget on every job. Not only does Green Fields maintain OSHA safe sites, but they also comply with local, state, and federal laws, including regulations set forth by the DEC, DOL, EPA, and DOT.

With so many aging buildings today, including some that have been constructed with hazardous materials, many property owners need a contractor to take care of these issues. It is important to find a contractor that you can trust to take care of problems in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Green Fields does just that and is happy to work with any client, big or small, and will consider residential, commercial, and industrial jobs.

Green Fields specializes in demolition and asbestos removal including building separation and dismantlement. They are also equipped to fulfill contracts that require emergency demolition. Green Fields is also qualified treat indoor mold problems. In addition to these services. Green Fields also offers excavation and soil removal services, including dump truck rentals.